Privacy Policy

EFFECTIVE DATE:- 1st January 2020

If you wish to use this website or employ for any service, you must agree to the terms below as the exclusive basis which governs usage of the website and provision of services. If you do not agree to any of the terms, do not use this website or employ for any service.

THIS AGREEMENT is made between and you ("the User").

The users of the website “” must agree to understand and read the following carefully. The use of the website is conditioned on the compliance with the following without modification or mutilation. If any party wishes  to not comply or disagree with the following, it is advised to not use the website.

It is also communicated that if the following agreement is not read and understood, do not under any condition do not agree to it.

Information Collected collects the information when the client or user registers on the website or employs the website’s services. We may collect user IP information (inclusive of the IP Address, IP Address Location)

The information collected may be but not limited to the purpose of improving the experience of the client with the service, to ensure the customer is subjected to having a constant update of the progression and developments and/or any changes in our service or policy. To ensure optimized customer service, to ensure that the information collected is also for the purpose of personalizing the customer experience. The information collected pertaining to the service would be employed for the prompt delivery of the service.


To communicate that the information reserves the right to use the information and the data provided solely for the purpose communicated in the privacy policy. By agreeing to it , it is provided that the user is in compliance with agreeing that the information provided is accurate, authentic and updated. The information and the data shall be protected and the confidentiality of the information shall be maintained seriously. The manipulation, disclosure or interference of the information shall be prevented to the reasonable extent by serious measures.


As also communicated in the terms and condition that the website uses cookies to ensure the optimum user experience as well as ease of use, similar to the several others employing it for improved user experience. The website uses cookies to track user preferences for optimized future visits as well.

Third Party Links

It is communicated that at our discretion may employ third party content or service for the benefit of both parties in the future. The third party providing the service may have its own privacy policy or terms of condition separate from that of Landtrack. Thus, it is thereby communicated that Landtrack shall not be responsible for the third party liability or linked activities. It is elaborated that any information provided or release to the third party shall be at a condition deemed appropriate for the purpose of ensuring optimal service protected under confidential assurance. It is elaborated that this not in any way communicates the sponsorship or promotion of the third party content unless communicated.

Notification of Changes

It is communicated that we reserve the right and hold the autonomy to make the changes at any given time provided that the user shall be identified of any modifications and/or changes made in the policy. It is also elaborated that any modifications or changes after being notified to the user implies that the user shall read, understand, agree and adhere to the changes made. If the user implies or holds any objection to the changes it is advised to discontinue the use of the website.


It is communicated that the use of this website implies that user agrees to the privacy policy and the terms and condition. Any information collected and provided by the user is in accordance with the user’s consent and to the full extent is in compliance with the policy. The use of the information provided and the data collected shall be used for no purpose other than that mentioned within the confines of the policy.