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Taksim 360 is surrounded by culture, history, art, and life to enable you to have a different experience with a very rich culture of life in this oldest and most renowned center of Istanbul.


A wide range of icon brands in the world of fashion are at your service in and around the Taksim 360 project.


Throughout the Taksim 360 project, we complied with the LEED GOLD certification requirements in all the materials and resources used in the Shell & Core.

About the project.

The most beautiful story of Istanbul is being rewritten!

Located in the heart of Istanbul, which brings together two continents and different cultures, languages, voices, and tastes, Taksim has a brand new meeting point: Taksim 360. Taksim 360, the largest renewal project in Turkey, received the award “Best Urban Renewal Project in Europe.”

Taksim 360 has been renewed by preserving the historical, architectural, and cultural values of Beyoğlu with precision. With the richness of polyphony, Istanbul has gained a brand new life and attraction center.

Taksim 360 is a brand new mixed project that transforms Tarlabaşı. Taksim 360 promises a full life not only with its offices and residence blocks, but also with its stores, art galleries and location.

Lovers of Istanbul who want to experience the historical and cultural richness of Istanbul such as Nişantaşı, Cihangir, and Eminönü have many stories to experience at Taksim 360, which are all full of Istanbul.


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In Progress

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Finishing works

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Project done

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High Quality Services

Do you need a helping hand for chores? From house cleaning to dry cleaning, our 24/7 housekeeping service will make life easier for you. All you need to do is tell us when, we will handle the rest.


Feel your new Office

The elegant office lobby that welcomes you and your guests gives a successful first impression of what you will encounter at Taksim 360. You can find the luxury and material quality of a five-star luxury hotel in the doors and corridors of residences, which are designed with a holistic approach and design language


Prime Location

Ranking first among the world’s best destinations such as Rome, New York, and London, Istanbul is also a world capital that has always been a hub throughout its history of 300.000 years. It is the host of history and a proud city with its shoulders resting on two continents as the shining destination of modern times.



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